Analyze billions of records faster with RAPIDS & Nvidia GPUs on Google Cloud’s AI Platform Notebooks.

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“Of the cast of characters mentioned … the only ones every business with data needs are decision-makers and analysts”

— Cassie Kozyrkov ()

Analysts and “” are the often forgotten heroes across every organization . They tend to have a wide range of responsibilities…

My superpower toolkit: TFRecorder, TensorFlow Cloud, AI Platform Predictions and Weights & Biases

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I am just going to say it. I am absolutely overwhelmed and intimidated with the growing breadth and depth of machine learning (ML) today.

  • Need to build a high performant data pipeline? Learn Apache Beam or Spark and protocol buffers
  • Need to scale your model training? Learn AllReduce and multi-node…

Mikhail Chrestkha

Data Science & Machine Learning @ Google Cloud

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